Trainees, Interns & Graduates

Accomplished Professionals

Here at Kansai Halifax Holdings, we are always on the lookout for accomplished professionals who share our values of integrity, ambition, teamwork, innovation and excellence

Kansai Halifax Holdings

Whatever your history, we are committed to providing everyone at Kansai Halifax Holdings with opportunities and experiences to expand their knowledge, develop their skills, maximise their abilities, and contribute to the long-term success of our business.


These programmes are geared towards school leavers and designed to build your career in investment management whatever your academic background. The focus is on practical training and guidance, as well as a real job from day one.


Created for current university students who would like to pursue a career in investment management. Our eight-week summer internship provides an insight into how the business works, along with hands-on practical experience. And our one-year investment management internship offers a realistic insight into the vital and exciting role of managing client assets.


Aimed at those who are leaving university with a sincere interest in the world of investment management, our graduate programmes offer a solid start to your career. Focused on building the skills, relationships and experience vital to a prosperous investment managers life, they are a firm foundation and a first step on the ladder to success.

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