Who Do We Hire?

Kansai Halifax Holdings

Employing the most talented individuals

We provide a supportive and collaborative environment in which our teams share expertise and work together to make smart investment decisions

Advisory Staff

At Kansai Halifax Holdings, our advisory staff take the time to get to know each of our clients, to understand their financial objectives and work collaboratively to achieve them.

As one of our advisory staff, you will adhere to the following:

  • Build long term relationships with new clients, with a view to delivering strategic lifelong wealth planning.
  • Strive towards a trusted advisory status, sitting at the heart of our clients’ financial interests, maintaining the relationship with advisors; including trustees, custodians, lawyers and accountants.
  • Build a network of experts in your profession.
  • Construct a business strategy consistent with achieving business goals, ensuring structure to your approach and the appropriate resources and support utilised at all times.
  • Communicate effectively with all internal stakeholders, with a constructive approach to deliver on client objectives.
  • Cultivate your knowledge of the business, markets and technological developments.
  • Ensure regulatory obligations are maintained with a continuous emphasis on self-development.

Client Management

At Kansai Halifax Holdings, we run a team approach with all clients, which includes the following:

  • Para-planners – assisting the advisor when tailoring the strategic plan and liaising with the clients to ensure all the compliance documentation is completed correctly
  • Portfolio Managers – construct the portfolio in accordance with the financial profile and risk tolerance of each client’s needs.
  • Client Executives – Monitor all administrative requirements within your client accounts.

Support Functions

At the heart of Kansai Halifax Holdings is our middle and back office. Our team members here work tirelessly to support the client-facing and investment managers to service and enable the business to achieve the excellence we promise our clients.

You may find a career in one of the following teams:

  • Finance – effective and professional management of our internal finances
  • Operations – work in partnership with senior management to deliver the company vision
  • IT – continuously improving internal and external IT capability and ensure successful operations
  • Risk and Compliance – ensure our business remains compliant and provide the teams with the correct guidance and support
  • Marketing – promotion of our business and mission, safeguarding our brand and ensuring a streamlined experience for our clients

Investment Managers

Our strategy is long term, focused on building portfolios of quality assets, selected via the combination of macroeconomics research with active asset classes and sector views.

Our investment portfolios focus on capital preservation first and foremost, only taking risk where we are adequately compensated. We target client financial objectives rather than benchmark outperformance, and we consider performance in absolute rather than relative terms.

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