Investment Capabilities

Bespoke Investment Strategy

At Kansai Halifax Holdings, our clients have unique needs in all facets of their everyday lives, and choosing an investment strategy that suits them is no different

In a world of shifting regulatory and technological change, Kansai Halifax Holdings can tailor an investment strategy guaranteed to offer efficiency and transparency across all the asset classes.

Our investment capabilities are fundamental to our wealth management philosophy, offering a highly-structured, discretionary and long-term approach to accommodate your financial status and achieve your financial goals.

Investment Capabilities

We deliver a wide range of diversified long-term investment solutions which are customised by asset class, geographical markets and your risk tolerance.

Here at Kansai Halifax Holdings, we offer the following investment solutions:


Investing in bonds is generally less volatile than equities, enabling you to protect your capital when held until maturity and benefit from a higher yield than investments on the money market.


Kansai Halifax Holdings assists you to manage your wealth in a professional and reliable manner.

Foreign Exchange

Foreign exchange investing offers a wide variety of options to facilitate portfolio diversification and enables capital liquidity according to your investment strategies.


Funds provide a realistic and cost-effective way to create a diversified portfolio of equities, bonds, alternatives or short-term investment solutions.

Structured Products

These investment instruments can be tailored to your particular risk profile and the financial market conditions.

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