Bonds Investments

Steady Revenue

Investment bonds can also provide you with steady revenue until they reach their maturity

Investing in bonds is generally less volatile than equities, enabling you to protect your capital when held until maturity and benefit from a higher yield than investments on the money market.

Our team of experts receive market-leading research and analysis results to furnish you with knowledgeable advice and bond trading solutions in a complex investment universe.

At Kansai Halifax Holdings, we offer the following bond investment options

  • Government bonds
  • Financial and non-financial corporate bonds from issuers with financial profiles of varying strengths
  • Mature and emerging markets
  • Senior and subordinated rankings
  • Fixed and floating coupons
  • Index-linked bonds
Kansai Halifax Holdings

For our more seasoned clients, we propose them to invest in bonds that provide more attractive yields, albeit with an increased risk, such as Corporate hybrids and High Yield bonds.

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