Foreign Exchange Investments

Kansai Halifax Holdings

Portfolio Diversification

Foreign exchange investing offers a wide variety of options to facilitate portfolio diversification and enables capital liquidity according to your investment strategies

Our Expert Advisors

Our expert advisors will explore tailored solutions that match your unique investment needs, such as diversifying by asset allocation or hedging your investment portfolio against currency and inflation risk.

Our investment strategies are guided by our in-house research and analytics team, offering you access to a broad range of foreign exchange products. We also provide our active trading customers exclusive access to our foreign exchange experts.

At Kansai Halifax Holdings, we streamline the processing of global foreign exchange trade, from order management, sales and trading, through to procurement, risk management, cash management and payments.

Streamlined global foreign exchange processing

Our Solution

Our solution supports the full trade life cycle with intelligent insights on global positions and complete disclosure at all times.

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