Market Insights

Since our incorporation

Over the years of our operation, Kansai Halifax Holdings has remained committed to offering effective wealth and asset management solutions to our clients

 It is in this spirit that we engage in market research that is focused on key market segments

Our Global Thematic and Strategy

Our core strength lies in our thorough analysis. Kansai Halifax Holdings provides in-depth research and forward-thinking perspectives through world affairs, micro and macro economics, Forex, global markets, interest rates, and financial strategies.

Our insights at Kansai Halifax Holdings provides our investment team with strong financial insight and transparency, which we then pass to our clients to help them make the best-informed decisions and achieve their preferred investment targets.

Kansai Halifax Holdings

Long Term Ideas

Our research enables us to scan equities, fixed income, commodities, currencies, and different classes of alternative assets in markets across the globe. This research enables us to help our clients in the identification of viable investment opportunities in emerging markets.

Equities and Baskets

Our research enables us to analyse both long and short-term equities and stocks and the proper selection of baskets. The findings of our research are delivered to all clients on a daily or weekly basis.

Technology, Media, and Telecommunications (TMT)

We pride ourselves on being able to cover the TMT sector on a global stage. We make this possible through investment baskets that are focused on TMT as well as by the help of our dedicated research team. We also provide updates to our clients on a daily or weekly basis.


Our primary strategy involves the use of notes that highlight the ten most important aspects of investments that are provided to our investment analysts and fund managers.

These notes, which feature a checklist of 10 points, have been designed to provide useful information to our team in a simplified manner. The information contained is designed with the assumption that its users have zero knowledge in making wise investment decisions.

The notes highlight long-term trends concerning;

  • Value Creation
  • Cashflow
  • Capital Allocation
  • And many more

We also make use of proprietary tools which helps them to confirm existing ideas as well as generate new ones.

Japanese Equities

Our research activities extend to small and mid-capitalisation companies in the country. This is offered by a broad team that comprises of generalist analysts as well as analysts that specialise in specific industries in Japan.

Composed of qualified and experienced professionals, this team serves to provide useful insights and ideas in their respective industries.

This team focuses on industry fundamentals as well as business positioning and competition with regard to different types of products.

This enables them to identify the differences in intrinsic value and market capitalisation in various businesses that offer a viable long term investment option. The information is availed to our clients through roadshows that take place throughout the year.

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