Our Solutions

Bespoke Investment Strategy

Our services range from discretionary and non-discretionary wealth management, active advisory to investment consulting

Depending on your financial objectives, we advise you on both listed and unlisted investments, across multiple products and levels of risk

Kansai Halifax Holdings

We leverage our investment intelligence to tailor smart solutions, which are available to all our clients, for all portfolios.

Our range of in-house investment products are cost-effective, easy to manage and allow us to manage risk better.


Time is precious. Our discretionary portfolio services free clients from day-to-day investment decisions, so they can focus on what they do best.

Our assigned wealth manager will take into account how much you have to invest, the level of risk you are prepared to take, your financial goals, and your tax position. Once the portfolio has been devised, your wealth manager will make ongoing decisions about the portfolio using their own discretion – hence the name.

Our professional expertise in portfolio management equips us to manage discretionary mandates for you based on your financial priorities and the relevant investment strategies we collectively agree upon. Furthermore, since contractual agreements with institutional managers do not constrain us, we can select the most suitable discretionary mandates with the best fund managers available.


At the forefront of our professional experience and enthusiasm are our non-discretionary mandates. We thrive on evaluating and investing in financial markets, allocating strategies for expert fund manager selection and single security investments are fundamental to our service.

With access to key market insights in a timely manner and our in-depth financial expertise, we are well-positioned to be your intellectual advisor as you manage your investments through the rapidly evolving global economic landscape.

We will be your trusted partner for any non-discretionary portfolio strategies that you wish to execute as we provide transparent, unbiased non-discretionary mandates that are fully aligned to your best interests.

Only Service

Our execution-only service is best suited to seasoned investors who do not need advice and have a clear idea of the stocks that they plan to buy and sell, and when they plan to take action. This service offering will help you strengthen your trading capability by supplying you with the latest analysis and market intelligence to support your decisions.

Our execution-only service allows you to take full responsibility for the management of your investments. You can transact through your dedicated wealth manager and become your own broker, making your own investment decisions. We will execute the trades when instructed.

While there is no provision of advice or recommendations, your wealth manager will draw your attention to, and seek your instruction on matters relating to any corporate actions that impact on your investments.

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